There a numbers of agencies an organisations seeking feedback and views of parent carers.

Below we have listed selected consultation which parent carers may wish to consider offering their views to.

Review of Personalised Short Breaks (Carers FIRST for LCC)


Lincolnshire County Council are collecting information throughout December 2017 and January 2018 on how informal carers take a break from their caring role. Voiceability and Carers FIRST are leading on this on behalf of the Council.


They want to know if informal carers, and the people they provide care to, experience any barriers to taking a break, if they have experienced a good break and find out if they haven't had a break why is this.


The feedback from informal carers and the people they provide care to will help build a picture of short breaks in Lincolnshire and if, as a council, we need to better support informal carers in taking a break.


This closes on 31 January 2018.


Awaiting link to surveys


Consultation on reducing the need for restraint of children and young people with learning disabilities,

ASD or mental health


Department of Health and Department of Education have jointly commissioned new guidance reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention for children and young people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and mental health difficulties. We are consulting on the draft which was produced for us by the Council for Disabled Children (CDC), until 24 January 2018.


This guidance replaces:
Guidance for Restrictive Physical Interventions: How to provide safe services for people with Learning Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (2002, DfES and DH); and
Guidance on the Use of Restrictive Physical Interventions for Pupils with Severe Behavioural Difficulties (2003, DfES and DH).


We welcome your views by 24 January 2018.


Here is a link to the consultation on where you’ll find the draft guidance


NB this site then points to a further link where you can participate in the survey:  


The new guidance applies to all health care commissioned by the NHS, children’s homes and special schools and colleges.

Please pass on this notice to colleagues and organisations who will have an interest. 

Please can local authorities pass this on to special schools within your area.



Consultation on raising concerns and making complaints about health, social care or education


The Department for Health has also launched a survey of the views of children, young people and adults with a learning disability,

autism or both, their families and paid carers about people's experiences of raising concerns and making complaints.


This closes on 12 January 2018.


For further details please see the attached flyer and the consultation site