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Every parent carer of a child with SEND probably has a little top tip for other parents.
As we meet we share them over coffee or at gatherings, but LPCF got to thinking how do we share tips to a wider audience of parents?

And so was born - LPCF's Top Tips which can just be read through at random or filtered by category to ease searching


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Icon Tick or Cross When asking a child to do something use the words first and then.... first brush your teeth then you can have the t.v on

Icon Tick or Cross At bedtime routine, quiet time, reading, quiet music, IT OFF, dim the lighting. Relax....

Icon Tick or Cross Have children's games and videos on phones and tablets when you go out. You never know when you might want to distract your child whilst you deal with something.

Icon Tick or Cross Take some form of entertainment with you and your child when waiting for appointments. Waiting times pass much quicker and with less issues.

Icon Tick or Cross Bubbles and Feather can help calm. Also a ball pool can help to calm and ground a child.