As a registered charity, our unique mission is to be instrumental in positive change that helps shape the future for individuals with disabilities and SEN. .


Who are we?

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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum is the official independent parent carer forum in Lincolnshire.

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We represent parents and carers of children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN).

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We are largely parents and carers of children (of all ages) who have a wide range of disabilities and SEN

What are we trying to achieve?

LPCC Father and Child

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We aim to improve the quality, range and accessibility of services for families with children that have disabilities and SEN.

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We are committed and determined to make sure parents and carers views are heard

What we do for you:

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We represent your needs and views with Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (NHS) and other service providers.

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Help service providers with their planning and development of services informed by feedback and experiences from parents and carers

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Promote best practice.


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5 Star Awards
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Have you got a professional or a Service who provide Outstanding service. If so we want to hear.

LPCF Award Hall Of Fame

Read This logoGovernment Minister makes preliminary Announcment about changes to Schools Funding including High Needs

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LPCF mission is to be instrumental in change that helps shape the
future for families of children with disabilities and SEN.

LPCF vision is Uniting, supporting and empowering.