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Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum
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LPCF Outcomes
What has LPCF Learned ?

What differences have LPCF made as a Forum

We were able to constructively challenge in a critical friend role during the development of the proposals.
Co-production with the Local Authority and the Heads of Special Schools meant that parental views were always at the heart of the strategy.

“As a Head Teacher, working closely with the LPCF across the last year, has provided significant insight, alongside a level of challenge, whilst reviewing and developing the proposals around the specialist schools review.

Hearing stories from families has brought, and continues to bring, thought provoking questions and a real perspective to the group. As a result LPCF have played a significant role in the development of the mission statement, focused on developing the right education, at the right time and as near as possible to home.

As a group of educationalists we are totally committed to working in partnership with our families to influence the young people we serve and are extremely grateful that LPCF have given of their time to ensure this is a reality, in ensuring parental and young people’s views were held by all, throughout the development of future plans, and continue to influence for the future.”

What LPCF did and what changes occurred ?

Expertise in evidencing feedback from parents was used to inform the process e.g. Parents Voice reports, case studies, transport consultation.

Those involved heard the harrowing accounts of children travelling for 3 hours a day or leaving their home, family and community to attend an out of school placement.
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Experience in ensuring documentation is easy to read.
The Local Authority even gave LPCF licence to rewrite the Local Authorities consultation questionnaire.

Attendance at every consultation (23) by our volunteers meant that parents had every opportunity to engage and feedback their views.

Five Independent Consultations were held by LPCF to ensure that everyone on the membership was provided an opportunity to feed their views into the process.
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Report published by LPCF informed the process and was provided to Councillors at the Scrutiny meeting which LPCF also attended to respond to any questions.

Invited to share our "wow" moment in front of Ministers and the DFE with recognition by the NNPCF at the National Conference of Parent Carer Forums relating to our Co-production with the Local Authority and Heads of Special Schools.

LPCF have developed and approved our practice as a result of the process. This includes changes to our operational practice and some policies.

More emphasis on training on participation for volunteers and development of our evidence base.

More time developing relationships with key stakeholders to influence further change.

Volunteer Engagement days to explore key themes around co-production reflecting on our practice as well of that of others.